Trajectory of the “Ingestible Sensors” (Digital Medicine) based analytics

Ingestible sensors are tiny sensors that can be ingested by a patient along with a pill (it’s smaller than grain of a sand). The sensors goes inside body and send the data stream about level of a drug content in the body. The data stream sent from inside a person’s body is received typically by… Continue reading Trajectory of the “Ingestible Sensors” (Digital Medicine) based analytics

Ethics of Employees’ Social Media Analytics

While there are many legitimate & absolutely essential analytics that needs to be done by any company on its employees, there are some grey areas when it comes to some specific applications like Sentiment Analysis of Employees. Large corporate entities which are having operations around the world, have built applications so that they can track… Continue reading Ethics of Employees’ Social Media Analytics

Social Profiling Analytics of Asian Americans

Social Profiling of Asian Americans community to discover if it is a monolithic group or if there are hidden patterns of distinct social profiles based on socio-economic demographics ,  priorities of life , immigration status & view of USA ; which can explains their social behavior. Asian Americans forms one of the largest immigrant group… Continue reading Social Profiling Analytics of Asian Americans